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Our Philosophy of Worship


The defining well-spring of a congregation’s life together is their worship.  Christ calls us out of the world to gather around Him as a congregation of passionate worshipers. We gather with attitudes of trust and gratitude, of openness and obedience. We gather to be formed as God’s people through praise, prayer, Word and Sacrament. It is our sincere desire that persons come to worship expecting to meet Christ afresh and to leave a better disciple.*

As a newcomer it is our desire that you enter a sacred space.  Therefore, we do not take care of administrative or social business during worship, i.e. announcements. We also desire that you enter as a member of the Body of Christ and not as an 'outsider' therefore we lift our individual prayer requests during our silent prayer time. This also allows us to model a life of prayer which includes our celebration of what God has done and is doing for and in us and our aligning ourselves with God's desires for the Kingdom.

The style of worship is secondary to the passion of worship. It is our desire that whatever style of worship you enjoy you will encounter the living God!

Our Worship Service

Our 11:00 Sunday service includes praise songs and hymns, a choir anthem and children’s moments. After the children's moments a Sunday School is offered for elementary aged children and a nursery is provided during the entire service for those 4 and under. Instrumentally we use a keyboard, piano and organ. Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month.

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* United Methodist Passionate Worship from the office of Congregational Transformation