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Administrative Committees and Assignments
These are made through appointment by nominations. Anyone who has a passion for a particular area or ministry is urged to make your interest known for future appointment.

Congregational Care Team
This team is comprised of several sub-teams. Some visit the sick, shut-ins and those in the hospital and hospice. Some give communion to those unable to attend worship. Some provide transportation to church, the doctor or do general errands. Some make phone calls or send card to those in need of contact. Some are prayer warriors who pray for those on our weekly prayer list. Anyone can fulfill some essential role on the Congregational Care team.
Connectional Clusters
AUMC attendees are place in congregational clusters based on residential location. Currently there are 14 clusters each with several facilitators. Clusters enable the church to share information about who lives in the neighborhood and who has needs and who might meet those needs. Additional facilitators are welcome.
Counseling is provided by our Pastor for all attendees of Asbury UMC.  Please call our office at (727) 842-8136, Tuesday thru Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., for an appointment.  For all other counseling, please call 211 and request contact information.
The library is open during regular office hours and on Sundays. Donations of Christian fiction, children's Christian literature and Christian non-fiction published since 1980 accepted. Volunteers are very welcome.

Office Volunteer Team
Volunteers staff the office during vacations or assist when special projects require extra hands.
Prayer Ministry
Prayer requests are received in various ways and then forwarded via email to a coordinator who sends them out to those in the prayer ministry. Non email users participate by phone.

Memorial Day 2012 Boy Scouts putting flags up at East Elfers Cementery