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Easter Sunday & Eggs Hunt 2015

Christmas 2014

Summer Camp 2014

May 29th 2014, Attitude 423 Youth Choir Concert From GA

May 29th 2014  Attitude 423 Youth Choir Concert Student
The  concert, Attitude 423 Youth choir.
Feeding group before choir concert.
Feeding group before choir

Christmas Pageant December 2013

Easter 2014

Children in New Acolyting Robes 2013

Our Children at Warren Willis Camp

          Every year in the summer the children travel to Leesburg for a week of camp and we ask everyone to remember them in prayer.  You can also make their week even more special and be a part of it with them by sending them a note or card during that week.  It is a nice surprise for them when it happens.  If you send it the week they are at camp they will receive it while at camp.  Address it to the individual child with the following address:  Warren Willis Camp, 4990 Picciola Rd., Fruitland Park, Fl   34731.  Children in return will send Thank You Notes to all of the Asbury congregation for helping them make this Camp week possible.  

Easter Tree Performance 2012

Christmas Pageat 2011

Easter 2011 & Christmas 2010